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How To Clean Gold

The most important thing about preserving antiques and precious metals is handling, or at least the avoidance of it. Sweat is very acidic. Every time a metal is handled, unless some kind of preventative steps are taken, such as gloves or cloth, acid is transferred from the hand to the item, preserving waxes are removed and protective ions are disrupted allowing the acids to begin the action we call oxidization.The oxidization process can be slowed down significantly by using our Gold & Silver metal polish which contains super fine abrasives and a microcrystalline synthetic wax.

Protective IONS!? Yes, that’s right, protective ions. When we polish gold & silver, the surface of the metal is smoothed directionally, making the ions on the surface line up like soldiers. This not only helps conceal minuscule imperfections in the surface, but also helps for a barrier that the acids and salts have to penetrate and disrupt for the oxidation to occur. We can avoid this enormously by not handling anymore than is necessary. LOOK and ADMIRE, but don’t touch. Remember this when you are finished with your handiwork restoring the gold piece to its former glory.

Also, NOT all compounds are jeweler’s rouge, as many people seem to believe. jeweler’s rouge is a specific grade and made with ferric oxide, which gives it the red color. Rouge, being French for ‘red’, means it makes no sense to have green or white compound and call it rouge. If you ventured into Antwerp, the gold dealers capital of the world and offer a Jeweler a bar of green or white rouge, you would be laughed out of town.

Gold absorbs much of the ferric oxide when buffed and comes up a bold, bright gold color, if you use a white or green compound it will absorb the dye. Who wants green gold?

English Custom Polishing manufactures a liquid rouge called Briliant Gold & Silver Polish this is made from only the finest Ferric oxide combined with a synthetic wax and ph neutral ingredients, so it can be used to polish and protect all the fine metals that you might have in your antique collection.

Gold should be handled the least of all metals, just because of its value, and its softness. It should NEVER be cleaned with abrasives, unless it is absolutely necessary. This is when you need Briliant Jewelers Rouge.

We use only one preserving wax to protect precious pieces, RENAISSANCE WAX. Unless there is need to physically polish the surface, Renaissance will remove grime and leave a stable protective coating that lasts years. This wax is pH Neutral, a microcrystaline synthetic wax, developed by the BRITISH MUSEUM and now in use at the SMITHSONIAN, the ROYAL ALBERT MUSEUM and most Major museums.

How to Polish Aluminium Alloy Wheels

Polishing alloy wheels

To get the best results use our metal polishes to clean your aluminium, alloy & chrome wheels. Briliant Metal Polishes do not contain Ammonia, anhydrous chemicals or acids because these will prematurely age metals, cause tarnishing and oxidisation. They are used by some manufacturers to attack oxidisation and create a short-lasting shine – only lasting for a week or two, then the chemicals which cut away the oxidization to create the shine, continue to act, often etching into the metals. Briliant Metal Polishes avoid this problem by not using ammoniates or anhydrous products.

For best results, remove the alloy wheels & chrome wheels before commencing polishing, this will give you best access to the alloy wheels ensuring that you can see and reach every part of the wheel. Remove all road grime and dirt to prepare your alloy wheels for polishing. Make sure the wheels are completely clean and dry. You need to clean between every stage, so an abundant supply of clean terry cloth is necessary. If the surface of the wheel is pitted then this can be cleaned up using 400 grit wet and dry paper. Never sand aluminium with anything coarser than 180 grit. The scratches are too deep.
Test your surface first. Go to one of the worst areas and try out a 600 grit, then a 400, and so on, to ensure that you only use an abrasive as coarse as is necessary.

After a 400 grit (if that is the stage you choose to begin with) you need to go to a 600, Make sure that you remove all signs of the previous cut each time. Where possible this is best achieved by going at 90° to the previous cut. If you can see scratches now you will definitely see them when you are finished. Although it is possible to machine polish alloy wheels, excellent results can be obtained by the home DIY polisher without access to these specialist tools.
Hand polishing alloy wheels can be a rewarding and satisfying pastime if the simple instructions are followed.

Polishing Aluminium by hand

After initial wet and dry preparation, then the following 3 stage process can be used to produce a Briliant shine, utilising the following products in each of the stages:

Stage 1: Briliant Metal Restorer
Stage 2: Briliant Aluminium & Stainless Steel Polish
Stage 3: Briliant Premium Metal Polish & Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth

Using Briliant Metal Restorer you can remove all signs of the previous wet and dry preparation quickly, work it in well using a soft cloth, such as an old soft cotton teeshirt. You will get beautiful results if you have done your preparation properly, and a mirror will begin to show. Liquid polishes like ours tend to perform better than pastes because they allow you to use the oxidisation that you remove as an abrasive. This means not rolling or turning your applicator cloth as the residue appears, but rubbing it in and making the residue work for you.

The oxidisation you release will be no coarser than the abrasive. Hand polishing should be smooth and directionally consistent. If places are hard to get into by all means employ a tooth brush, but wrap the bristles with cloth or they’ll scratch your finish. Another trick for getting into tight areas is to trim down an iced lollipop stick and wrap that with soft cloth. Make sure you tear the labels off of your cloths (if using old teeshirts) as they can scratch like you wouldn’t believe. It is easiest to do about a quarter of the wheel at a time, and this normally gets the best results. So don’t go crazy and do it all in one hit (you’ll probably get hazy bits if you do).

When you are happy with the results and have an even shine over the whole wheel, stage 2 is to continue polishing with our Aluminium & Stainless polish metal polish which will quickly increase the intensity of the shine on the wheel, again use soft cotton cloth to apply and buff the alloy wheels.

Stage 3 finishes the process by using our Premium Metal Polish to acheive the deepest possible shine. Then finish polishing with a micro fibre polishing cloth or micro fiber mop this will leave you with gleaming mirror finish alloy wheels….. polishing aluminium & alloy wheels has never been easier, nor has the shine ever lasted so long.

How to polish chrome

Chrome polish is often used on hot surfaces and in hot environments and most metal polishes will go grey when heated. If the metal polish has regular waxes, or enhancers in it, then this polish will probably dull as soon as the temperature of the item exceeds 180° F. which is the melting point of Carnauba on chrome exhaust systems, stainless steel exhausts and titanium exhaust systems. It should never be necessary to wax chrome as waxes can make chrome hazy and the beauty of chrome needs to shine through……. so you need to use a chrome cleaner that does the job properly.

If your chrome has little blisters on the surface it’s probably due for re plating. Another sign that the chrome is deteriorating is little gold flecks appearing in the sublayer. This is the nickel breaking up beneath the chrome to reveal the copper base layer.

Polishing and cleaning chrome and custom chrome can be both therapeutic and rewarding especially when you are using a good quality chrome polish. Many custom, classic, modern motorcycles and cars have chrome which should be looked after properly and the best way to do this is to use a recognized chrome polishing product, that cleans effectiently and protects chrome surfaces.

Nickel is often used under the hood of older vehicles too. Nickel has something a little different to chrome – when polished properly the yellow tint of nickel makes it blaze in the sun! Nickel is also regaining favor in the automotive industry, basically because modern nickels are being combined with phosphorous and cobalt to produce harder finishes and many custom car & motorcycle accessories that look like chrome are actually nickel alloys.

About Our Chrome Polish

When your chrome is new or as new chrome metal surfaces should be polished with the finest abrasives possible, or it will show scratches. Badly burned and blued exhaust pipes should be polished with a harsher cutting product like our Briliant Metal Polish and restorer to get it back into shape and remove the bluing and then it should be polished with a fine polish, we recommend our Hot Chrome Environment Polish to really bring up chrome surfaces to a beautiful lustre. However, with chrome bumpers, nose Cones and grilles, they are often dull due to pitting from road grit. Pitting can often be removed by hand, but a professional buffing machine together with our chrome polish will restore these chrome surfaces back to beautiful condition.

Our chrome polish is a liquid and offers significant advantages over ” tubes of polishing pastes ” these tubes of polish dry out, get trodden on and contents wasted and they are often very abrasive, leave white marks and scratches on fine chrome which over a longer period can even remove your chrome.

Briliant chrome polish is easy to use, cleans a larger surface area than other polishes and does not leave white marks or residue behind and will polish out scratches that most polishing pastes leave behind. As our customers can testify the depth of shine and longevity of our chrome polish is almost legendary amongst car & motorcycle enthusiasts.

How to use our Chrome Cleaner

To get the best results from our chrome polish use a good quality polishing cloth, we use lint free clothes ourselves which we also sell, these cloths provide outstanding cleaning performance and can be washed and re used many, many times. You only need a small drop of Briliant chrome polish to achieve briliant results and our customers willingly testify to the fact that this chrome polish goes a very long way. When polishing chrome it’s always best to polish a small area at a time which you can leave to dry or wipe off when you are ready. Many of our customers who use polishing mops, simply apply the metal polish to the area to be polished and leave to dry or then apply the mop to this area and then the mop soaks up the polish and goes EVEN further than polishing by hand.

Once you are happy with the briliant results you have achieved,  apply a light water mist ( ultra fine spray ) to your chrome and finish buffing with a good quality micro fiber cloth / micro fiber polishing pad. This seals both metals and waxes and helps reduce water stains from rain and condensation.

Who Benefits from our Chrome Polish

Many customers belong to car & motorcycle clubs of one description or another and when a club member finds an exceptional briliant chrome polishing product like ours they recommend this to fellow members, relatives and information about our polish is added to their club forums to tell others of their good experience with Briliant polishing products. Not many museum’s ever recommend a polishing product and that’s why we are truly unique as briliant polishes are used to protect classic vehicles in such diverse places as The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, National Railway Museum,York, Nick gale custom motorcycles, Hall & Hall Historic racing, Rolls Royce owners club, Honda Goldwing owners club, Harley Davidson owners club see testimonial page. To get the most benefit from any metal polish one has to look at ease of use, depth and longevity of shine and value for money, when all of these variables are taken into account the Briliant chrome polish is efficient, cost effective, achieves a briliant shine and is unrivalled as the chrome polish of choice throughout the polishing world.

Choosing the Best Adidas Sneakers

Who doesn’t know Adidas? This brand has gone global and the collection is targeted by many people. Adidas sneakers, such as Superstar, Stan Smith, and others are familiar to your ears. However, there are also other series with high cut, middle cut, high cut, or slip-on types that are much sought after.

This time, we’ll introduce points on how to choose and provide you with the best Adidas sneakers recommendations. Find your favorite Adidas sneakers in this article, yes. Happy reading!

How to choose Adidas sneakers

Adidas sneakers that are comfortable to wear are increasingly popular because they are easy to pair with any outfit. Since it was originally used as a sports shoe, the comfort of Adidas shoes is unquestionable.
In general, there are two groups of Adidas sneakers namely Original and Neo. However, in this article we will discuss the Original series with its distinctive trefoil logo.

Choose by shoe model

The first thing you should pay attention to is the model. Many original Adidas sneakers models have been loved all this time. Here we will explain each model of Adidas sneakers in detail.

Speaking of Adidas sneakers, Stan Smith is definitely familiar to your ears. Stan Smith is recommended for those of you who like simple designs. Stan Smith’s model does not have the three-line design (3-Stripes) that adidas characterizes. Even so, Stan Smith’s look remains stylish and easy to pair with any fashion style. This made Stan Smith very popular among many other white sneakers.

Originally, Stan Smith was designed for tennis players in the 1970s. The shoes are equipped with highly functional ventilation holes because Stan Smith uses an insole from OrthoLite. The material is also relatively easy to maintain even though it is made of leather.

Choose a Superstar model that represents sneakers

Superstar is one of the models representing Adidas sneakers. The superstar has three distinctive Adidas lines that are unique and will attract attention. The design is familiar from generation to generation.

Its popularity has not declined since its release in the 1960s to the present day. This vintage model we recommend for those of you who want to look more fashionable.

In recent years, the design has become more stylish. This is thanks to the use of a striped material called shell toe and also a leather upper. Compared to Stan Smith, you’ll look more casual when wearing this Superstar model. In addition, its charming white color makes you look neater.

Campus models are highly recommended for those looking for sneakers with a vintage feel. Just like Stan Smith, campus models were originally also designed as sports shoes. Suede materials make these sneakers easier to clean than leather shoes. However, these sneakers are not waterproof so you should pay more attention.

These shoes are very comfortable to wear and feel right on the feet. Therefore, your feet won’t get tired easily even if you wear them for a long time. The calm design and color make the Campus model suitable for adults.

Choose a Country model whose silhouette looks eye-catching

If you want to focus the appearance on the legs, of course the Country model will be for you. Among the Adidas sneakers that feature a minimalist design, the accents of this Country model are striking. This model is perfect for a classic casual look as you combine it with jeans and chino pants.

In addition, Country models can create a stronger retro feel than other Adidas sneakers. This model was originally sold as a cross-country shoe so it could be used in the face of bad weather.
This is because the Country model has the characteristic of a slightly raised toe. Country is also known as shoes that fit on the feet and are comfortable to wear walking.

For the classic look, select the Gazelle model

Gazelle is a pretty popular classic sneakers. The sleek design is suitable for those of you who want sneakers with a less flashy look. There are various designs, but the base material is suede and usually has a white stripe.
In addition to being casual, Gazelle is very easy to pair, even with feminine clothing styles or tights. Men can also pair them with jogger pants for a casual feel.

Customize shoe color to your personal character

The next important thing is color selection. When choosing adidas sneakers that mostly have a simple look, you can’t ignore the color selection. For example, when you select black. There are many different black color options with regular black or black color that look more chic.

Therefore, choose a soft color or to suit your taste. Another important point you should pay attention to is the color choice of the 3-Stripes design. The look of your sneakers will change drastically depending on the choice of base color and color decoration. You can use white as the base color and line color.

In addition, the colors of the Adidas 3-Stripes shoe motif may vary. Therefore, you can choose the alloy you like, which represents who you are. In addition to the lines, there is also a point design for some limited edition shoes. This point becomes very important when you are looking for a different design from others.

If you want to look different, use a strapless or slip-on shoe model

You’ll need to check which parts can be removed as they will affect your appearance. The removable part of most Adidas sneakers is the shoelaces. That way, you’ll look different if you choose Adidas sneakers without shoelaces.
Velcro sneakers are also popular these days. This type has a strong sense of style. Choose this type if you want to highlight shoes as the main point of dress. For those of you who have problems removing laced shoes, this type is the right choice.

For those of you who want a fresher look, a simple slip-on type is suitable to choose from. This model is also popular for women as it will create a slimmer leg silhouette. Surely it would be very easy to remove, would it?

Pay attention to shoe cuts for those of you who care about design

Those of you who care about the design should pay attention to the sneakers pieces. Most popular models like Stan Smith have low cuts or commonly called low cuts. Low-cut sneakers are easy to pair with any outfit. However, for those of you who want to show your signature, choose the middle cut.

For those of you who are tired of something ordinary, choose a high cut type. This model may be a little difficult to match with the subordinate you’re wearing. However, if you manage to match it, you’ll look like a fashion expert.

Then, if you want to further accentuate the appearance of the legs, you can match them with skinny pants, knee-length bottoms, or a seetis skirt. After that, take a look again at the overall balance of your appearance.
Choose shoes with a larger number size
Choose shoes with a larger number size
When buying sneakers online, maybe you’ll find it hard to determine the size, right? Most people buy Adidas sneakers that are 0.5 cm to 1 cm larger than their usual size. Next, you can tighten the shoelaces so they don’t feel loose.

For models Stan Smith and Superstar will feel cramped when using the actual size of your feet. Therefore, we recommend that you choose Adidas sneakers with a size one number larger than your usual shoes.

Tips Basic Personal Finance

Having your money in order will help you reduce daily stress, and it will also serve as a basis for managing the capital of your company.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ll likely need to split your time between managing your team, getting sales, improving customer service, promoting your business, and creating new products or services. The last thing you want to add to this mix is taking care of your personal finances (what a horror!). However, if you don’t have your home finances in order, you’re just adding more chaos and stress to your life… you realize it or you don’t.

These 7 tips will allow you to make sure your personal finances are in order before continuing to expand your business. Put them into practice and ensure your economic (and also emotional) stability.

1. Edit yourself

Take the time to read about personal finances. Every week, schedule “money” appointments with yourself and spend a few hours managing your personal finances and reading books, magazines, sites or finance blogs. The more you know about your own finances, the more confident you will have in managing your money in the long run.

If you need more help, consider hiring a financial coach to help you create a financial plan to reach your goals.

2. Check your credit regularly

Your credit report is like a file of you and your credit history. It basically tells lenders how risky you are, and whether or not they should lend you money. When it comes to buying a car or home, it’s desirable that your credit report is in great shape, so you can qualify for good rates.

Create a habit of reviewing your history at least once a year to confirm that everything is in order. Do it on a special date (such as your birthday) to make it easy for you to remember and maintain monitoring. You can access your history on sites like the Credit Bureau.

3. Make a budget

While this sounds very basic, many entrepreneurs don’t have a fit budget to monitor their monthly income and expenses. You can use digital tools as apps to monitor your personal finances or just a document in Excel. No matter which option you choose, make sure it fits your lifestyle.

If you really want to fix your finances and take the lead financially, you need to spend time and energy updating your budget every week. This will help ensure that you don’t spend more than you earn and that you’re able to save for your financial goals.

4. Self-motize your finances

Technology makes it much easier to manage finance every day. Find that most of the process is automatic. You can use automatic online transfers or pay your bills online each month. This will help you not stress about paying your bills on time and generating extra interest or charges.

If you’re concerned about automating your account payments, you can set alarms on your calendar (on your computer or smartphone) that remind you of payments. The more you can automate your finances, the less worries you’ll have on a daily basis.

5. Pay debts

Make a plan to pay off all your debts as soon as possible. Start by making a list of all your debts (credit cards, car credit, educational credits, etc.). Includes current balance, minimum payment per month, and interest rate. Then review your budget to determine how much money you can add to your debt payments.

From there you can do research on strategies to reduce debt so that you confirm that you are paying them off as efficiently as possible. When you’re working on debt reduction, it’s important that you have a “mattress” to pay for any emergencies that arise along the way.

6. Build your own mattress

Having a mattress of money is an essential part of your finances. It allows you to use the money to pay for unplanned expenses or emergencies that may appear in your day-to-day life, rather than increasing your debt or investing in the long run.

As an entrepreneur, you may want to have a six- to 12-month mattress of your fixed expenses. It will allow you to pay personal bills and not worry if you need to reduce your income due to the flow of the business.

7. Invest outside your business

While it’s very important that you always invest in yourself and your business, you shouldn’t have “all the eggs in the same basket.” Diversification is extremely important as it will lower your investment risk in the long run. Work with a financial glider to create a portfolio of long-term investments that includes stocks, bonds, and Cetes that align with your own financial goals and risk tolerance.

Google Turns off CAPTCHA

Google made updates to their CAPTCHA service, reCAPTCHA. The update hides the CAPTCHA portal for Internet users who are often blocked by the security portal.

What’s annoying when surfing the internet? One of them fills in the verification system or a CAPTCHA roadblock. This stage can make a gemas when we misguess the letters or numbers are displayed. The CAPTCHA display will continue to repeat until one can answer exactly which letters and digits codes are presented.

In accordance with its function, CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart or simply, CAPTCHA is a verification stage for a website’s access.

Now, there’s good news, Google announced that they’ve “killed” the old CAPTCHA, and replaced it with a version that can work quietly. These technologies will be applied to a new service called reCAPTCHA or “Invisible reCAPTCHA.”

The “invisible” technology will be implemented by utilizing the algorithm called Google’s Advanced Risk Analysis. The algorithm will make the assessment whether the human access or not the custom data of the user they have collected.

There are no details as to how silent reCAPTCHA technology works. However, after claiming that reCAPTCHA is “the most widespread CAPTCHA service users around the world,” of course Google has had a fairly complete user habit data. In addition, Google has other weapons that can be used to analyse the profile of a user.

They have Google Search, Google Analytics and Google Adsense that have rooted it in the Web site worldwide. Of course, the weapons are different, but Google as the owner can take advantage of them.

CAPTCHA or some netizens in Indonesia call it Capcay because it is difficult to recite, is a protector for a website from Bot or Botnet attacks and SPAM. The use of a CAPTCHA is done to secure resources owned by a website. Heavy access is not a human Bot alias to a website, will destroy the website. In technical language, this action is referred to as Distributed Denial of Service.

In addition, especially for websites that have similar comments or columns, the use of CAPTCHA is done to avoid the comments feature or a similar column filled by an automatic machine.

In the Internet world, the largest CAPTCHA service provider is Google’s reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA was developed by a team led by Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University. Then, in 2009 Google took over reCAPTCHA ownership.

Luis von Ahn, as told The New York Times, revealed that he had estimated reCAPTCHA to have been used 70 percent to 90 percent of the site using CAPTCHAS.

Technically, at the start of reCAPTCHA occurrences, they use words and numbers to guess by internet users. ReCAPTCHA-displayed words originate from Google’s Digital book projects. When Google performs a book digitisation project, sometimes there are words or sentences that the machine cannot read or detect. Words or sentences that cannot be read or detected have some reason.

Dull paper, faded fonts, and other forms of damage are many reasons why the machine cannot read or detect. The machine used for digitizing project is OCR machine or Optical Character Recognition. A word or sentence that cannot be detected by the OCR engine, then forwarded to reCAPTCHA to be the word database that will be displayed on reCAPTCHA and is a selected word. OCR is also a machine, if the machine is unable to detect, reCAPTCHA assumes that the Bot and SPAM also cannot be detected.

As reported by, in the first-year reCAPTCHA, there were 440 million words outlined by web-eners who were against the reCAPTCHA portal. The number of words, equivalent to 17,600 books. During the development phase, reCAPTCHA leverages The New York Times Newspaper archive. When conducting digital scans, undetectable or machine-readable words will be used reCAPTCHA as their database.

Additionally, in the reCAPTCHA earlier versions there are also numbers displayed. The numbers, hosted by Ars Techica, come from Google Street View. Before announcing the “invisible” technology on reCAPTCHA, the Google-owned CAPTCHA service had actually made some changes from just guessing the word or number only.

Quoted from Google’s official Blog, artificial intelligence technology can now even guess the word displayed by a CAPTCHA with an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent. The changes in the better direction are necessary to strengthen the CAPTCHA from digital attacks that have also become increasingly sophisticated.

The most striking change from the previous reCAPTCHA, is an update named “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” in 2014 ago. In those changes, Internet users who are blocked by CAPTCHA portal, no longer need to deal with fill words or numbers, but just click “I’m not a robot.” In addition, reCAPTCHA also utilizes images or photographs used to distinguish which humans are real and not. The user simply follows the instruction and clicks on the reCAPTCHA desired image or photo.

Of course, with the advent of “Invisible reCAPTCHA” will make it more convenient for internet users all over the world. Citing the initial reCAPTCHA slogan, let us the Internet users to “stop spam, read books.”

How to Be a Hero Who Has the Superpower to Make a Lot of Money

Identify which villains and cryptonitas are in your portfolio to become a financial superhero.

The opinions expressed by Entrepreneur’s collaborators are personal.

Have you ever identified with a superhero? Perhaps, with his strength, his intelligence, his speed, with his speed, etc. Even surely as a child you dreamed of being a superhero, however, as the years go by, we lose that illusion and realize that those things only exist in movies.

But did you ever think you had a chance to be some other kind of hero?

How about a hero who has the superpower to make a lot of money?

Yes, something like a financial superhero.

I mean when you generate wealth from who you really are, from your financial superpowers, that’s when your chances of success increase significantly and you feel that nothing can stop you.

When you’re in control of your financial life, and that gives you an unparalleled sense of tranquility because you’re prepared to face any adversity the environment can bring.
You’re protected, and that gives you the feeling of great personal power, even realization.

And how can you work to become a financial superhero?

First of all, you should work on identifying some of these points that I share with you below:

Your unique detonators: What’s taking you down a good financial path and what’s got you on the wrong track. I mean, maybe you realize you tend to do a lot of emotional expenses. Or, maybe you’re very organized and keep a daily look at your finances. List what detonates good and bad habits.

Your super financial powers: What can you do better than anyone else? What talents do you have? By identifying this, you’re going to realize that you can find different ways to increase your income. How? If you are excellent in any language, if you cook delicious, if you know graphic design or social media management, etc., you can capitalize on your talent in a way that generates extra sources of income.

Your villains and cryptonites: What behaviors or habits do you have that negatively impact your finances? It could be being extremely indebted, paying for everything with your credit card, just having a source of income, making purchases you don’t need. List what puts your personal finances at risk.

Your allies and amplifiers: What strategies can you take to create better habits? Maybe you can implement a monthly budget that allows you to control your spending. Or, you can start paying off your debts and delete your credit cards. Think about actions you can take that are your financial allies.

Your action strategies: Now that you know your strengths and weaknesses in managing your personal finances. What can you do to improve your current situation? You need an action plan, just like in superhero movies.

You must draw a financial map that takes you step by step towards your goal and adhere to it.

If you don’t have a plan, you won’t make it to the finish line.

Remember, if you don’t take care of your personal finances, no one else will do it for you.

What does “I am Not Robot” mean when visiting a site

CAPTCHA is a verification system from Google, to distinguish users between humans and robots.

When you access a site, we often have to fill in a CAPTCHA or verification system, a combination of letters and numbers.

The CAPTCHA display will continue to repeat until one can answer exactly which letters and digits codes are presented.

The CAPTCHA is a test or acronym that stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart or automatic public Turing test, to distinguish computers and humans.

Now, Google has changed the old CAPTCHA version, and replaced it with a version that can work quietly. These technologies will be applied to a new service called reCAPTCHA or “Invisible reCAPTCHA.”

Just like its initial function, reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. It’s easy for humans to finish it, but it’s hard to “bot ” and other malicious software to find out. It is one of the tools used Running Room to ensure safety and security.

When you select “I am Not Robot ” Or I am not a Robot, you will be asked to select a similar element before going to the site.

CAPTCHA or some netizens in Indonesia call it Capcay because it is difficult to recite, is a protector for a website from Bot or Botnet attacks and SPAM.

The use of a CAPTCHA is done to secure resources owned by a website. Heavy access is not a human Bot alias to a website, will destroy the website.

In technical language, this action is referred to as Distributed Denial of Service. In addition, especially for websites that have similar comments or columns, the use of CAPTCHA is done to avoid the comments feature or a similar column filled by an automatic machine.

In the Internet world, the largest CAPTCHA service provider is Google’s reCAPTCHA.

reCAPTCHA was developed by a team led by Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University. Then, in 2009 Google took over reCAPTCHA ownership.

Luis von Ahn, as told The New York Times, revealed that he had estimated reCAPTCHA to have been used 70 percent to 90 percent of the site using CAPTCHAS.

Quoted from Techopedia, bots can be used for productive tasks, but bots are also often used for ungood purposes. One good example of a bot is the search engine spiders.

Such bots trap the WEB and index new pages for search engines. Other examples include the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot which had been popular many years ago because it could be a group communication place and also private communication.

In addition, the other bot is chatter bots, a computer program designed to simulate conversations with one or several humans that can be done with audio or text, usually this is done for online help, personal services and others. But there are also bots that have an unkind and dangerous purpose.

Usually comes as part of a virus or worm, there are also bots that are used in user identity theft or to attack a variety of interconnected computers.

This is very prevalent happening in the botnets, i.e. the collection of infected computers that bots are not good or evil are usually bots coming from a master computer or computer that becomes the center of other computers.

Technically, at the start of reCAPTCHA occurrences, they use words and numbers to guess by internet users. ReCAPTCHA-displayed words originate from Google’s Digital book projects.

When Google performs a book digitisation project, sometimes there are words or sentences that the machine cannot read or detect. Words or sentences that cannot be read or detected have some reason.

The presence of “Invisible reCAPTCHA” will increasingly make convenient internet users around the world. Citing the initial reCAPTCHA slogan, let us the Internet users to “stop spam, read books.”